Introduction to CRICOS CODE

CRICOS stands for the Commonwealth Register Of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students and is the register of Australian education institutes. It is applicable only in New Zealand and Australia. CRICOS is handled by Australian government department of education and is publicly available. It is necessary to have CRICOS code to enroll and teach international students in Australia.

The universities that have CRICOS code are the only approved institute to offer courses to an international student. Thus, it is very crucial that education agents select the universities that have CRICOS code. The universities in Australia should be handpicked by checking at their background. Remember it is very crucial to partner only with universities that have CRICOS code. The universities that your agency partners with will affect the quality, image and service you provide. 

Not only does CRICOS code denote the registered university but also registered course offered by universities to the international students. The courses available to international students in Australia must have CRICOS code. 

CRICOS code gives you a clear, systematic way to search the right course for your client. CRICOS code is crucial for an agent to determine how genuine and experienced your agency is. Running a consultancy without having proper concept of CRICOS code is nothing but a disadvantage to you.

CRICOS code isn’t something that universities get with just an application. The CRICOS code has its own criteria set out that needs to be met by universities to get the courses and university itself registered. The requirements are to have an RTO registered certificate and to have the ELICOS national standards(for ELICOS COURSES).  The requirements of the ESOS Act and the National code should also be maintained. The courses which are delivered fully online are not eligible to get the CRICOS code or registered. Consequently, the universities registered with CRICOS code are of the top-notch level and are more advanced.

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